Our Vision

contribute to make Oman tourism accessible and affordable for all kind of travelers, through having customized tours packages that suits all levels of budgets without jeopardizing on the quality of service nor the mesmerizing and unique experience that we want our guests to take back home.

Our Mission

To take our guests into a discovery journey ‘beyond the views of sights and the walls of landmarks’ which revolve around people, culture, stories and more.

To facilitate our expertise in tourism and work hard to come up with a clever solutions in order to minimize the cost for our guests.


“with us, every visitor is a guest”.

“Your Trusted Travel Agency in Muscat”.

Our Identity

Travel Agency In Muscat


Sights Tours & Investment is an official and licensed car rental and tourism agency which is based at Oman & registered under national commercial number 1114812. Your trusted travel agency in Muscat.