8 Hours
Nakhal, Wakan

Natural and historical attractions of Nakhal city plus near famous old village of Wakan. A day tour one hour from Muscat but far different from the busy life of Muscat to the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the farm village and palm oasis.

Our guest tour will start with a visit to the Nakhal City. The city that acquired its name (Nakhal) from the thousands of palm trees grows and farmed over there. Thus the Fort of Nakhal and as it was constructed on a rocky hill at the middle of the city feels like a ship surrounded by an ocean of palm trees. The history of the fort is very complex as it witnessed many ruling dynasties and was the centre of many dramatic historical moments happened at Oman. Thus the exact building time and ruler is not known but it is expected that the fort is over 1500 years old, anyhow the fort kept expanding and changing as each ruler or Imam came left his touches on it and underwent many restorations and renovations stages over the history.

After admiring the beauty of Nakhal Fort we will take our guests on a short car ride to the famous hot spring of Ain Al Thawarah. This hot spring resides on a wadi that have many falaj’s (Water Channels) to carry out the water to the near farms. Our guests can enjoy dipping there feats on the warm water that is believed to have healing properties for the skin and at the same time gazing at the different animals and birds comes to this oasis.

After a bumpy and curvy gravels road that needs a 4WD vehical and deep in Wadi Mastel, Wakan village is located at a mountain edge and 2000 meters above the sea level. This green village consists of many terraces of farms that stretch throughout the mountain. Among the many types of fruits that is planted like the pomegranates and the fig, Wakan Village is especially famous for the peaches trees and the blossom of their pink flowers at the month of April. After going up a very long stair case with many photos stops and the sound of the running water through the falaj our guests will end the view point and tower.


Tour Inclusions 
Transportation Lunch Fort entry fee Complimentary drinks

Nakhal Fort


Ain Al Thawarah Hot Spring


Wakan Village

nakhal fort
nakhal fort inside
wakan village view
Ain Al Thawrah Hot Spring

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